We love to make sure our Zen Friends always get the help they need. Recently, Mark was asked for his help with this problem: 
Hi Mark,
I am trying to create a custom operation where the crews can use a code FBRPC and have the code pull in the RLS number or Rebar size.  Ex: "FRBPC RLS 26404". I set up the attributes to look for Size and Type but nothing happens.
It is my intent to have the "FRBPC" read, then have the Size of the rebar and the "RLS 26404" come in on the same line. And avoid the 6th column of the TIW file.
I have been looking in the help contents files but have found nothing.
Is this possible in InRoads?
- Mr. B
Here is the Zen Dude's response:
Hey B!
First ... EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible with InRoads!!! ; )
...but I digress.
Okay, I see that you added the Attributes of Size and Name to the FRBPC feature code in the XIN. And I take it that you expect FRBPC RLS 26404 to be the information coded in the field? And you want RLS 26404 to be the Name displayed in the drawing? Is that right? I'm not actually sure what you meant by "avoid the 6th column of the TIW file". ...unless you just wanted to display the RLS 26404 name as part of the Code display.
There are four areas that need to be addressed in order to make this work: (based on what I think you want to do)
1)     The Code has to be set up in the XIN to receive the Attribute information
2)     The Custom Operations have to be defined in the XIN to extract the Attribute information in order to display it in the DGN file
3)     The field Coding has to include the Attribute Name and Value
4)     The Import Wizard has to be configured to understand the field coding and Attribute collection
Now into the details. First, you can't have an Attribute called Name and use that in the Custom Operations. The word "Name" is already internally reserved for the Point Number, along with these others:
So, I would suggest that instead of Name, use ID or something like that. Here is what I did:
Just as a test I built this Custom Operation:
'($(SIZE) Pipe)
'(Field Shot)
'E $(EAST)
Which produced these results:
Besides the XIN Code configuration of the Attributes and Custom Operations, the field coding entry has to contain the Attribute Name and Attribute Value like this:
FRBPC, ID, RLS 26404, SIZE, 0.50
So, the field coding would look like this:
And then you have to tell the software, in the TIW, that you are bringing in Attribute information, and the exact coding format of the Attribute Name and associated Attribute Value. To do that, Step 3 of 3 of the Text Import Wizard would be set up like this to match the file above:
And that should get the information into the Fieldbook correctly.
Hopefully you can track everything that I did and get it working on your side! (And hopefully this is actually what you meant when you asked the question ; )
Go for it!!!
Civilly yours,
- zen

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