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Good morning Mark,
Is there a way to project profiles onto an alignment? For example, we have a roadway alignment and its profile. We want to show the profile of the gutter adjacent to it onto the roadway alignment. We can't make an alignment for the flowline itself because its stations will be slightly off.
Thank you,
Here is the Zen Dude's response:
Hi JV!
I assume you mean that you have a horizontal and vertical alignment of, say, the centerline of the road and another horizontal and vertical alignment of the gutter adjacent to it. And you want to create a profile window along the centerline, and project the vertical alignment of the gutter onto the profile window of the centerline?
If this is the case, here's my response:
Go ahead and create your profile along the centerline.
Then go to the Alignments to Profile command under Evaluation > Profile
  • Define the Profile Set (the profile along the centerline)
  • Click into the field under Alignments to Project and go to the Filter button on the right
  • Select the horizontal alignment that contains the vertical that you want to project to the centerline profile
  • Define an Interval (the projection is not 'true' or 'actual' since it may or may not be the same length due to curves)
  • Define the Symbology on how you want it to display
When you Apply this command, you should see the vertical projected to that profile window.
You can hover over the line work to verify that it's been displayed.
Once it's displayed you can go to Evaluation > Profile > Annotation Profile and place textual information onto the profile if needed.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Civilly yours,
- zen

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